Even if the UTV wannabe show, Britannia High is not making the sort of rating expected by its producers. Arlene Phillips and David Ian had great hopes for this show since Ian, whom people may remember from reality wannabe show Maria from Sound Of Music, got involved with an attempt to shape a UK version of High School Musical and had to settle for a take on Fame to meet his ambitions. Going out at 7pm on Sundays doesn’t seem a key slot for ratings, even though it is in fact a multi-platform show with existing spinoffs like a stand-alone website. Songs from the show, mostly written by Gary Barlow, are available on iTunes and Bebo. An album from the show is due out this week and there are two documentaries coming up on the auditions process and songwriting sessions as well.

Episodes will be available via mobile phone with two DVDs planned and some new style EPs in the pipeline. In fact eighteen songwriters were asked to contribute songs for the show and scripts were devised by writers from soaps like Corrie.

The young stars are no starstruck wannabes with auditions selecting experienced show people from dance shows and West End shows like Dance X, Skins, Les Miserables (Cosette), Oliver!, Annie and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.