Further calls for an increase in the Outer Ring Road’s speed limit from 60 kilometres per hour (kph) to 80 kph have been made by Fine Gael City Councillor John Cummins.

The speed limit on the dual carriageway has been a bone of contention with motorists since its opening four years ago.

The ludicrous scenario where one can drive off this multi-million euro route onto a narrow, single lane country road where the speed limit is 80kph underlines the ongoing farce that is the Outer Ring Road’s current speed limit.

This issue is one which Cllr Cummins first addressed in his Young Fine Gael capacity, a body he continues to chair.

“A year ago, almost to the day, in fact, we conducted a survey of motorists at Tesco Ardkeen,” Cllr Cummins said last week.

“Of the 209 people we surveyed, 87 per cent of respondents were keen to see the speed limit increased on the Outer Ring Road.

“Some 70 per cent believed that 80 kph was a more appropriate speed limit for such a modern piece of road infrastructure and that’s a limit that I would like to see implemented by the City Council.”

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