Work on Waterford city’s new municipal graveyard at Kilbarry is due to commence in mid-July, Waterford City Council has confirmed.

Richie Walsh, a senior executive officer in the Council’s Environment department, told The Munster Express said that the Council’s Part VIII planning process for the site is set for completion by the end of June.

It is anticipated that the 10-acre multi-denominational graveyard will be open by March of next year, with Mr Walsh pleased with the reaction from residents in Ballybeg and Kilbarry.

“I would say that 95 per cent of the reaction has been positive,” he said.

“What is currently waste ground is now going to be put to civic use for the benefit of the entire city and I think that those living near the site have recognised the positive contribution that this graveyard will bring to their community from a functional perspective.”

A meeting held in Ballybeg on April 29th gave residents an opportunity to see what the new graveyard will look like upon completion, said Mr Walsh.

One local resident who attended the meeting said the presentation was “top class” and that he looked forward to work beginning on the site this summer.

“The meetings that we have held have allowed people to see that the area and the city is going to benefit from a top-quality graveyard,” added Mr Walsh.

The overall project is set to cost €1 million, which will include “top quality” landscaping.

“All the works that are required to have the graveyard looking as well as it can and entirely appropriate for such a facility will have been carried out right from the beginning,” Mr Walsh continued.

A tendering process for the graveyard’s centrepiece feature will be held in due course. While the site is located just off Ballybeg Drive, it has been named Kilbarry Cemetery given its close proximity to the original graveyard at Kilbarry.

Car parking for 100 vehicles shall also be provided with submissions on the graveyard being taken by the City Council until close of business on Friday, June 5th.