Sean Kelly delivered the most memorable one-liner on last week’s ‘Prime Time’ take on the Leeside stand-off.

GAA teams, he said, are now imitating soccer by sacking managers; though unlike gilded Premier League pay-offs, hurling and football bosses here ‘only get a golden boot up the backside’.

However, the current GAA President Nickey Brennan, while not as sharp with the soundbites, spoke for the majority of outside observers when he said ordinary folk must be wondering what the hell the 2008 Cork hurlers have to be complaining about given the real problems facing people every day of the week.

Certainly, while loathe to go down the Tommie Gorman/Roy Keane road, you’ve to wonder what example they’re setting kids, with this win-at-all-costs approach. Some people don’t know how good they have it.