Kathleen Delaney has curated a really clever four artist exhibition between the two Garter Lane buildings, to represent four differing styles of work and it neatly shows the challenges facing artists and galleries today to excite and draw in viewers.

Marie Doyle has a mixture of drawings on paper like an installation, exploring the raw experience without framing or mediating the moment. Woman would seem to be the theme, from the ink drawing of a woman with six breasts, carrying a bus on her back, to the earth mother of Navigate stretching out in many directions, where a world of life exists like a skirt.

Winter Wall explores almost primitive marks on fabric while Blue Bell is a paper circle in purple decorated with deers and naked women like on a Japanese fan. The clutter of lie is caught in a small canvas Under Lime Trees.

In the same old building there is excellent Figurative Impressions with blocks of colour marked off in squares almost containing all sorts of figures in action. Some Days Are Yellow, Blue Osmosis and Thumbnail Spaces shows well the regular framed images but it is a surprise to discover some figures trying to step out of the frame and into others self-contained lives. This work by Marie Cregan, a Dublin based artist really catches the mood.

In the Theatre gallery Bernard Queally a Dungarvan based artist, explores textured and the basic urge to make a mark on surfaces much of it on found objects. Some of the pieces seem throw-away but they provide a contrast and a talking point to the Rockscapes and colourful bursts of imagery from the oil on canvas of Milia Tsaousis-Maddock. Her use of colour is fascinating with a palette of shapes and shapes that transcend a real object or place and take the art and the viewer on an exciting journey.