Members of Tramore Town Council are to join with representatives of the local Gaelscoil Parents Committee in carrying out traffic surveys near the school at Crobally Upper, with a view to justifying installation of a pedestrian crossing at a suitable location for pupil safety.

Councillors indicated at their November meeting that they would be prepared to volunteer for the exercise after Area Engineer Jane O’Neill told them that staff shortages had thus far prevented the County Council from doing the surveys.

Earlier, Parents Committee chairman Donagh Ward had addressed the Town Council on the issue, reminding them that following receipt of a previous deputation there had been a commitment to provide the pedestrian crossing by last September. He warned of the possibility of militancy in pursuit of the safety measure, in the absence of positive developments.

Supported by other members of his committee, Mr Ward said there was a fear among parents of a fatal accident and most felt they had to deliver their children to the school gate rather than take a risk. They already did surveys themselves two days last September and found that motor vehicles passed, on average, every four seconds, which indicated the extent of the difficulty in young pupils negotiating safe passage across the road.

“We need assistance from you in ensuring our children’s safety”, Mr Ward told the councillors firmly.

Cllr Lola O’Sullivan said that, in fairness, all of the members had been pushing for the pedestrian crossing and she put forward the idea that some of their number should volunteer for survey duties, in light of what Ms O’Neill had to say about staff unavailability.

Responding to a suggestion from Cllr Joe Conway that they just pick a spot and install a pedestrian crossing – and re-locate it if the site was found to be unsuitable – the Area Engineer said funding would not be forthcoming unless they could show the location was the right one.

Council members are to meet within days with the Parents Committee with a view to doing the surveys.