Mystery surrounds the circumstances in which a man sustained serious injuries in Ballyvooney Cove, Stradbally, last Friday evening.

A local married man from the Killelton area suffered a skull fracture and broken ankle while in the cove around 7.45 pm, but because of memory loss afterwards was unable to inform investigating gardai as to what exactly happened.

The injured man later underwent brain surgery at Cork University Hospital and is understood to be making a good recovery.

The gardai, following preliminary enquiries under Supt Jerry Lynch of Tramore, are of the view that the injuries were accidental. They are aware that, having become unwell, the stopped his car in the area of the cove, but they are uncertain as to what occurred subsequently. It was a member of his family who reported the matter to the gardai who have made house to house enquiries in the area as part of continuing investigations.