PicA THERE has still been no success in the search for a missing Bilberry goat.
Despite the offer of a financial reward for information, the goat (pictured) is now  missing with two months.
“We’ve had calls from all over the city. People have seen animals which were  similar to the one that went missing,” explained Orla Foley of Bilberry Goat  Heritage Trust.
“We follow up every report but unfortunately there has been no success. However,  we’re still looking and we’re still hopeful,” she added.
The four-year-old nanny (answers to the name ‘Becky’) with horns is a light creamy  tan colour and was stolen along with her chocolate brown coloured kid on Friday  evening, July 5th.
“She was picked out because she was hand reared. She’s a very valuable part of the goat herd, and is a great loss,” said Ms Foley.
“Because of the milk she has given she has helped people of Waterford with skin conditions such as eczema. Her milk made the Bilberry Goat Milk Soap. We need her back into the herd as soon as possible,” she said. The substantial reward is being offered by a local business.
Anyone with information is asked to call 086-0701147. All information will be treated in the strictest confidence.