Recognising the value of trees in the urban environment, Waterford City Council is committed to achieving a good stock of trees throughout the city, Director of Services Colette Byrne assured the Council members at their November meeting.
She said the Council had a tree management policy aimed at ensuring effective management and sustainability of the city’s tree resource by achieving a consistent and pro-active approach to their treatment and care in public areas and their suitable provision, protection and maintenance in private areas, through the planning process.
The Council would work towards continuity of tree cover throughout the city, including incremental development of a well-managed tree stock, promoting the use of native species where possible, with varied species and age distribution, in harmony with other land uses.
It would also strive to improve general recognition of the significant aesthetic, landmark, ecological, cultural and historic values that trees imparted to the local environment, ensure that trees continued to enhance the character of the city and consistently balance the risk and nuisance to individuals against the common good and environmental benefits of trees.
Among the city’s stock of trees are 40,000 planted along the Outer Ring Road and 2,000 in the new Kilbarry Cemetery.
Encouragingly, Ms Byrne reported that none of the trees planted by the local authority in the last couple of years had been vandalised.