Parents of a 20-year-old Waterford heroin addict have spoken of their despair regarding their son’s future, as well as the devastation that his drug abuse has introduced into family life.
‘Michael’ and ‘Sarah’, who wished to retain their anonymity when talking to The Munster Express, saluted the efforts of Waterford Gardaí in tackling the drugs issue. But both feel the force is fighting an uphill battle in curbing the availability of heroin.
“I take my hat off to the Guards,” said Michael. “I honestly believe that they’re doing all they can to keep as much of this stuff off the streets as they can – but it’s everywhere – and the Guards can’t be everywhere.”
Sarah, who admitted to being “terrified” of her son, said he is unrecognisable from the shy, quiet teenager he used to be before succumbing to drugs.
“He’s was a normal, well-adjusted teenager – he was pretty shy alright but he had his friends and he enjoyed his sport and going to the cinema, the things someone his age is meant to enjoy,” she said.
“But now, because of drugs, he is a completely different person. It’s as if someone has just taken the personality we knew and loved and completely drained it out of him. At times, he just acts like a monster, and it’s all because of drugs.
“He has no interest in anything now, anything of any value to making his life better, I mean. He hardly eats a thing and he doesn’t want to know us at all unless he’s looking for money to buy drugs, which is pretty much all he spends money on these days. But he doesn’t get a penny from us, not a penny.”
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