I would like to recommend a musical Christmas treat at the Theatre Royal over the festive season. Vicki Graham is the powerhouse behind this slice of modern entertainment with Glee 2 Live and Louder! This runs from December 21-23rd and 28/29 December.

I was a tad unkind to this cast of fine young performers last time out and some of them confronted me which was fun, but they shouldn’t think that I knew nothing about Glee as my TV column will attest to. Glee is a clever drama and song style jukebox TV series with a worldwide impact and phenomenal online hits and downloads.

Vicki Graham herself a great performer has seen the gap in the market and the enthusiasm for such shows and the success of her first Glee Live and Loud and she had the young eager cast of tomorrow’s stars with some seasoned performers to add spice to the cocktail.