No. 2 Wilkin’s Street will be the venue for a three-day arts event as part of the Imagine Arts Festival with Mary Grehan and the owner of the house, Claire Meaney (both arts administrator/curators). Called Trick Or Treat, it will open on Halloween; for details seek out the Imagine brochure, but it will be well worth your while to make the effort to find this bijou but picturesque house and it represents that quirky way that the best of festivals can have a micro impact. It looks at aspects of domesticity in a terraced house as a way of showing art to people.

In the hallway, you will meet Mary Grehan’s miniature paintings of dead flies, on the staircase there will be a Bern Roche Farrelly video of a man on a staircase. In the kitchen, there will be some Anthony Costine video art looking at the Ard Ri Hotel (Last Of The High Kings) and a dubious No Sex Just Violence, about the repeated smashing of a religious statue.

On a wall in the hall, Grehan and Meany have assembled re-mastered photographs bringing past images into the actual house in a way that is very interesting and well worth closer study. A Sean Lynch video will look at ghostly or fairy stories. In it the storyteller Eddie Lenihan talks about a famous fairy bush (and he is also in the Granary on the Saturday as part of the festival). In another, by Anne Maree Barry, a voice tells of people going down a hole in a sewer and not living happily ever after.

There will be performance art on the Friday in the garden and in the front room a big Love Nest painting by Stephen Brandes. In the kitchen there will be a real treat to see an Aileen MacKeogh painting, about the darkness of dying. Outside the bathroom there will be a photo of a fully clothed male in a bath playing with toy soldiers.

And as they say in the best promos, there will be much much more and you can bet your bonnet on that. The tricks will amuse you and the treats will treat you and greet you.