With the region recording among the highest levels of cancer causing radon, an information day will be held in Waterford next week to highlight the dangers of the lethal gas.
The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland (RPII) will hold two information sessions at Dooley’s Hotel on October 13th.
As reported in last week’s Munster Express, Waterford has a particularly high occurrence of the gas, especially around the city, Tramore, Kilmacthomas and Portlaw.
In a recent report produced by the RPII in which radon levels were tested around the country, more than one in five homes in Waterford were found to have recordings above the acceptable level.
Senior Scientist at the RPII David Fenton says it’s very important that people in Waterford take note of the dangers of radon.
“Waterford has a severe radon problem, but it will only remain a problem if people ignore it,” he said.
Mr Fenton added: “With the awareness drive and public meetings we hope to convince as many people as possible that it is easy to test for radon and, if needs be, straightforward to reduce any high levels. Homeowners in Waterford need to take this matter seriously and measure radon levels in their homes to ensure that they and their families are not at risk.”
Radon is linked to 200 lung cancer deaths in Ireland every year and is the second highest cause of the disease after smoking.
Originating from the decay of uranium in rocks and soils, it is a naturally occurring radioactive gas.
With no smell, taste or colour, it can only be detected using special radon detectors available from the RPII.
The two public meetings take place at Dooley’s Hotel, The Quay on Wednesday October 13th, with the first beginning at 3.30pm and the second at 7.30pm.
The event is free and everyone is welcome to attend.