An antique rug described as ‘expensive and sentimental’ that went missing from The Reg Pub last month has been located and is to be returned to the venue in the coming days.
Management at the venue made an appeal on Facebook for the return of the rug, which was allegedly taken “in a daring and opportunistic manner”. The suspects had somehow managed to slip past staff with the large rug rolled up.
However the incident was captured on CCTV, with an image of the moment the rug was taken from the premises released on the venue’s social media page.
There followed an appeal on The Reg’s Facebook page, with local radio station Beat 102-103 also coming on board to spread the word about the missing rug.
Finally, last Wednesday, The Reg posted: “REG RUG RAIDER RINGS REG! RUG RETURNED! REG RELIEVED.” We’re glad to hear that the rug will be reunited with its rightful floor soon!