As we commence another August Spraoi Bank Holiday, let us ensure that, when it is all over, we will look back on the weekend as a wonderful few days of recreation, rest and enjoyment. More people than usual are on the move on such weekends so let us appeal to all road users to be extra vigilant. Let us be modest and sensible in our intake of alcohol, never, ever drink and drive and, everybody, please slow down. Speed and drink is one of the most deadliest combinations of all.
Sadly, the graveyards are full of people who never thought a serious accident could happen to them but their grieving loved ones are all too aware that it did indeed happen to them. As well as looking after our own personal safety, we should also be keenly aware of the damage and injury our mistakes or carelessness can cause to others. The hospitals and cemeteries are also packed with innocent, broken people who did nothing untoward other than be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
On this weekend of celebration, also keep in mind our elderly neighbours who are living on their own. Most are fiercely independent, which is to be admired, but they are vulnerable so, without intruding, let us be alert and ensure they are not in difficulty or trouble.
Finally, to our young people, we say beware and say ‘No’ to illegal drugs which are the scourge and ‘black death’ of our times. Putting heinous filth into your bodies is not cool and is not fun. It is dicing with death and putting money into the pockets of often vicious criminals who regard their clients as mugs and wouldn’t dream of touching the stuff with a bargepole themselves.
Enjoy the weekend and Spraoi, dear readers, but be careful out there and make sure you, and those you come into contact with, live to tell the tale.