The Robbie Keane saga, which drew to a predictable conclusion on Monday, proved, if proof were needed, that English soccer is incorrigibly loose with the truth, whatever that might be.

Rafael Benitez, who welcomed Keane to Anfield a mere six months ago with apparent open arms, couldn’t wait to stamp ‘return to sender’ on his back.

Yet last week, laughably, Benitez accused Harry Redkapp of trying to ‘unsettle’ the striker he himself had done most to undermine. The Spurs boss played the innocent, naturally, denying he’d been making overtures to the “fantastic” Keane, who looks like being reinstalled as Tottenham captain.

They should really scrap that ridiculous rule that prohibits ‘tapping up’. Everyone’s flirting with everyone else’s fancy every day of the week in football; they just lose their inhibitions altogether when the window comes around.

The Dubliner will be embarrassed about what’s happened, sure, but the odd comedown is no bad thing when you think you’ve got it made. At least he’s something to prove – again.