How quickly the seasons turn and last week, in Tramore, the beach was deserted and the wind whipped the grey-green water into a cold fury. It was a refuge and a warm pleasure to attend The Abstract Garden, an excellent photographic exhibition by Tramore native, Andrew Dunphy at The Vic Bistro. It was the vibrant colours caught in miniature, like found art, where the camera becomes the eye. While some of the work is digitally selected, you feel the sense of detail from a photographer who knows what he wants from an image.

A photo like SNIFF invites you to smell and to enjoy the yellow of a daffodil and RAINDROPS ON A LOAF and FOOTPRINTS again catches that instant of found art before a drop dissolves or the wet sand absorbs a footprint. BUZZ has the exhilaration of yellow with pollen-seeking bees and AKEY WAKEY has that joy of recognition to see a Ladybird in the centre of a green flower.

The colour contrasts are beautiful in WHITE FLOWER, RED LEAVES and IRIS with a brilliant yellow stamen erect against lilac and purple leaves.

My favourite was BRIAN, a great shot of a shellekybookey with horns extended.