RTE1 paid fine tribute to Anna Manahan with the broadcasting of an original Irish language with subtitles about the late Waterford City Freeman. I always find it difficult to use Freeman and Actor when referring to females, but that is the convention these days.

Using good black and white footage we got a view of Waterford City where Fords and Morris Minors seemed the only model of car.

What was evident from this excellent tribute programme was how much Anna Manahan loved her native city and it also emphasized how international a personality she was in the world of theatre and television. Angela Mulcahy of Gealach Gorm Theatre, Kill, spoke of the early fit-ups and Barry Cassin was warm in his praise for the dedication Anna showed to the acting profession. Ferdia MacAnna, son of the legendary director Tomas MacAnna, was responsible for the programme in the Cloch Le Carn series (a stone on a stone making a significant pile or heap).