The exhibition at The Coast Guard Station, Love Lane, Tramore has a lot going for it. Four artists got together in February 2007 to form Drawmhor and in the process supported each other, gave encouragement and no doubt, advice, as very often artists work in a solitary vacuum. There is a confidence and proud statement about the work that shines out and invites admiration and purchase. Some of he work is a bargain.

Joe Fogarty would call himself a beginner but there is an innate quality about a bollard in Tramore Pier 2 and his Bunmahon Beach is attractive with fine technique.

Maria Finnegan has a great eye for detail and the beautiful Spanish Street has a wonderful sense of depth and colour. Her Casa Emma has a fine sense of shade and muted colours.

Mick Flavin has a mini-series on a themed idea of expressive masks or faces on sticks. He Who Would Be King, She Who Is Wise and then you get They Who Are Doctors And They Who Are Nurses. He catches not only an accuracy of expression but a good sense of humour. The sixteen faces in They Who Talk Of The Sorrows In The World is well worth visiting this gallery to see.

John Gallagher’s work gets better and better every time I see it and his Pondering? is a beautiful study of a girl leaning over a wall near water. His Tree In Tramore Racecourse and Tree In Dunmore East are familiar and attractive. The windswept grey quality of Newtown Cove is expressive and impressive.

Exhibition runs until Friday 18th April but is not open on Saturdays.