The beautiful and erotic paintings of Clary Mastenbroek dominate and fascinate at The Fairbrook Collection at the Granary. The tasteful nudes talk to you and invite you to talk to them with their symbolic fish, nest and horses imagery.

This show is a fine international opener for the Imagine Fest – a festival that has gone from strength to spectacle while still staying accessible and supportive of emerging local talent. I sat in the Granary and luxuriated in the warm winter sunshine streaming in the windows and was absorbed by The Touch (but didn’t touch), lured by the playful eroticism of Casting and the games and puzzles of Nest (by Wout Muller).

Mastenbroek’s Labyrinth has that similar fascination where not a brush stroke is wasted.

Night Horses is another powerful painting of hat you can and cannot see in a painting and in life or dreams.