In this midst of a Tramore Oceanic Surf and Sea Festival the good people of T-Bay Surf Centre celebrated Culture Night and got a great exhibition off to a glorious start – 5 Go Down To The Sea, a collection of over sixty pieces of artwork featuring the work of Clare Scott, Eric Rewitzer, Annie Galvin, Laura Cull and Julie Cusack.

Cusack had some fine seduction images and Cull explored a maritime theme with impressionistic touches. Clare Scott had a wonderful series of small paintings, celebrating surfers in many poses and positions. The sense of sea and excitement was evident in action work and if you could stand back from them, not so easy on a spiral staircase and narrow rooms the impact was more dramatic.

Annie Galvin has a graphic design feel to her work that is very influenced by American imagery. I loved her Scenic Series and her Surf Bear was a wow.