Using a limited colour palette, the artist Gemma Hodge, for her exhibition Saltwater And Steel, at The Granary, created images vague with possibilities. Details were shrouded to suggest contrasts and the paint was scraped tight onto the surface. This lack of detail carried into – no information sheet at the site or much supportive info from the quoted website.

That said, the possibilities emerge like the skeletal frame of a gasometer, birds on a roof, a tree in some sort of blossom like an insect in a mist.

There was a strong architectural influence in many of the pieces with rigid structures appearing out of a mist. Two small pieces of fish in a river had life and movement.

I loved a precarious tree hanging out over Tramore Bay and the image of the New Bridge at Grannagh is wonderful, as it contrasts with aged timber poles, set in the river in the foreground.