A lone piper in full regalia played rousing tunes outside the Central Library in Lady Lane as part of a Glass Factory tradition, while inside the beautiful drawings of Eleanor Horan were on display in the Index Gallery. Titled Masters In Our Midst, this is thirty drawings, part of a much larger collection of faces from the past. Faces of Glass Factory workers – master craftspeople. The piper Tony “Scout” Wallace was there on the wall and among the happy gathering. The accuracy was uncanny as Frankie Whelan looked at his portrait and joked with Cha O’Neill, the local councillor who was also on the wall. Seán Maher was the spitting image of himself and Gary Cunningham actually looked younger in real life. Henry Maloney was as quiet as his portrait and Nicky Coady who engraved a lifetime of glass for visitors to celebrate a notable occasion was there, happy in his memories.