I like the accessibility of the Index Gallery at Central Library, Lady Lane, and I like the austere bare walls approach, with only the artwork to engage with. The present exhibition by Natasha Edmondson brings life, energy and welcome colour to the space – the place of discs and books.

The work is lively and mostly abstract with modern titles such as IMG5467 (my favourite being IMG5678). The work confronts you, do you, will you, see shapes in the texture and there is a lot of layering and scraping as well as photo images mounted on board with a lack of attention to bubbles or maybe that is a textural conceit.

I saw tranquillity, disorder, waterfalls, tornados, ice, forests, blood and mud in a variety of hues – blues, greens, reds and browns.

Edmondson is working from Hive Studios in Bank Lane, set up by Waterford City Council Arts Office to encourage and act as a starter studio for artists perhaps bravely taking the step from college to professional life. https://krootez.com

The descriptions on the accompanying leaflet are burdened with almost academic art-speak about the congestion of information pervading contemporary existence. I am inclined to say – deliver us from such …. but go and see the vitality in the work and marvel at the very affordable prices – runs until 27th February.