Gary Power, brought his production of Nunsence to the Waterford International Festival, at short notice, as another show dropped out and rocked the house, wowed the audience and entertained like there is no other business than show business. His excellent cast of five performers Greta Rochford, Lynsey Penkert, Karen Steenson, Vicki Graham and Mary Lynch, were nuns on a mission, a mission to entertain and Wow Wow Holy Wow.

From the opening bars of the backing tracks (no orchestra) these five performers got the audience on their feet and doing a Mount Saint Helen’s Cheer bringing a standing ovation at the very beginning. Divine Intervention, no way St Jude, just an amazing cast who knew the strength of their vocation to shine, to laugh, to dance, to create magic and to entertain.

Success is Habit Forming and this show confirms how habit forming it is to attend, to experience, to be part of a Gary Power Productions show. He has changed the gloomy face of the theatre mask into the happy, happy face.

The storyline is a flimsy comic routine but like many a musical the book is only the framework for amazing moments and this production overflowed with comedy clever punchy routines, wonderful singing styles from opera to cowboy, from high kicking dancers to falling off stools drunken fun.

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