There is a certain magic about a father and daughter photography exhibition and a thought that they might have visual connections as to how they explore the world through different lenses and genetic eyes.

The father, Paddy Dwan, is a well-know press photographer and has exhibited well locally. His teenage daughter, Hannah Cunningham, is a Transition year student in Carnew, Co. Wexford and Highway Blossom is her first exhibition. The petal doesn’t fall far from the flower and her work has all the exciting hallmarks of a good photographer with a fine eye for detail.

The exhibition shares a love, and passion, to capture nature’s rich bounty in a small location – a location of wild flowers on the outskirts of Waterford. In a way these photographs on display at Bodega in John’s Street show the father’s youthful exuberance in a shared shoot.

Many of the pieces have a dark background and in a few there is a glimpse of sky. The attention to detail is good and Hannah’s action shot – a moment in time – as a bee hovers over a red flower. Paddy catches well the riot of colour in deep grass and my favourite is a purple study of flowers against a dark green blur.