Artist and photographer Pat McArdle has joined two other artists to form red Triangle and they have an initial exhibition at the Index Gallery, Lady Lane. Some of their larger works suit the big plain space here very well.

Called Tethered inTime, there is a past tense feeling to much of the work. Magdalena Karol-Nowakowska has acrylic on board with a nice sense of primary colour. Her Apple Tree is like a story journey up a stairs to memory, perhaps. In a Beckett sense, there is a withered tree with a red apple tied to it beside a staircase going up past pictures and merging into a picture frame.

Ruth Flynn experiments with a temporal dream-time with Fragments. Say Goodbye is a strong statement in brown, and denim blue of a seemingly lonely figure head down against the wind and uncertainty. Her Sleeping has a dreamlike quality of vague thin figures around a more plump figure suggesting indecision or mystery.

Pat McArdle excels with large mixed media on board. His Port Lairge, The Final Journey is of a famous Waterford dredger mudboat lost between history and the rust of nowhere. It is a striking piece with angry orange and rusting tones as the vessel is stuck in grey mud off the Wexford coast. Port Lairge, Deconstruction is a mixed media collage of rusting steel from the actual boat, pieces of mesh and a layering of rust that creates a forlorn abandoned image.