At face value, the exhibition Punchinello, at Garter Lane Theatre, is aimed at children as part of their exciting pre-Spraoi series of family events, Sprog. But you would miss a fine fun and progressive art experience.

All the way in from the street there are colourful flower patterns from Spraoi in the Park, creating a visual thrill and huge Punch And Judy heads adorn the foyer and entrance to the gallery. Recycling seems to be a theme in the arts this year with Galway featuring reheats and repeats and Kilkenny in a similar vein.

No matter . . . in the gallery, the nature conservation work of Chris O’Brien-Shanahan, sets a beautiful tone with a Walkway and Weave montage. Gabriella Eviston has a selection of acrylic on board around the theme of Wind.

Joe Moran has some cast bronze small heads and two fantasy sculptures from scrap. Steel Dog used car bumpers and bicycle parts as did Bird Skrapparts to create a great talking point.

Philip Cullen has created wonderful cut-outs in a cartoon style to give a dancing effect.

Ben Hennessy’s Lost Ark work used video/digital imagery on a screen to present a wonderful exciting set of expressive images. In front of the screen is an impressive big Budda Bag to sit into. Ben would make a splendid illustrator and it is a great experience to sit and enjoy the screen, especially the Two Headed Giraffe, Lost Animal and an amazing Boy With The Moon On A Red String.

This exhibition runs until the end of August and it is a joy to enjoy.