It must be something in the tranquillity of Lismore that attracts quality children’s authors and artists. Corina Duyn has established a fine reputation for inspirational work and unique childrens stories, along with excellent artwork, in her books. Now we have the equally poetic work with quality and quirky art design from another Lismore-based childrens author, poet and artist, Alan Murphy with an amazing new book, The Mona Lisa’s On Our Fridge.

Since its launch at Immrama last year, Alan has featured favourably in Books Ireland and The Irish Times end of year feature, where he was linked with Michael Rosen and Carol Ann Duffy.

I love this book and it is a rare breath of fresh vision and the wittiest of poetry for over sevens. Where else would you meet The Alien Binmen, The Biggest Kid In The Whole Wide World or The Professor Of The Non-Serious and a glorious Obnoxious Ode.

Alan Murphy has a fresh vision for humorous poetry that also appeals to parents and adults. A Live Computer wheezes like it has asthma, a cheerful Ghost, giggles and eats jam and thinks it’s daft to wear a white sheet. Or the crazy old man who hauled two large letter Ks a thousand years until he set them at the top of a hill.

You will marvel at the Professor who has a car that runs on orange juice, who turns out the light before sneezing, has a PhD in perversity and plays football with his elves. In Once In A Purple Moon you will hear the sun come out and shout and it’s a real treat to savour Me Too.

Crazy Cliches is a gem of verbal dexterity and the illustrations are wonderful collages that impressed me as well as the original images for the Beatles Yellow Submarine.

Alan Murphy is an original, go out and buy his book and have Mona Lisa on your shelf and in your head.