Listen out for the new Pat Comerford C.D. respectfully dedicated to the memory of those brave fishermen who lost their lives in sight of home when the Dunmore East based Pere Charles breached and sank in January 2007. Even after the boat was recovered from the bottom of the sea, no bodies were found. This makes this C.D. all the more poignant. Pat Comerford has a fine singing voice, known to many in the surrounding area and his vocal skill adds a measured respect and needed respect and needed memory.

Written by Waterford-born Frank Walsh the lyrics spell out the limited time of six weeks allocated to the hunt for herring. The frantic search is featured with a chilling refrain as Gaelige that is a prayer and exhortation.

The five drowned fishermen are name checked in memory – Squid O’Connor, Pat Coady, Andiy Dyran, skipper Tomaisín Hennessy and his uncle Pat.

Engineered by Frank Comerford at Tramore Studios and mastered at Goldenmastering USA it features not only the vocals of Pat Comerford, the striking guitar work of Frank Walsh. Mark Robinson plays a variety of instruments and Michael Comerford holds it together with fine bass guitar.

The CD will be launched officially on Friday March 6th in the Ocean Hotel and all proceeds go to the Lifeboat Association in Dunmore.