With the sounds of Spraoi seeping in the high windows of Christ Church Cathedral brought the Three Irish Tenors, now Eugene Ginty, Ciaran Nagle and Dominic McGorian to entertain a happy audience with a smooth mix of Irish tunes, some crooning standards and Italian arias. Accompanied by their musical director David Wray and a talented violinist, they delighted the audience and got a standing ovation.

Without using mikes and despite the sometimes curious acoustics of the cathedral that muffled announcements, this was smooth music with a clappy Spanish lady and some fine violin solos. Nagle, the taller and smoother of the trio, serenaded ladies in the audience and even waltzed a happy woman through O Sole Mio. McGorian hit the high spots with a beautiful How Deep Is The Night and the three ended part one with a rousing Ireland’s Call.

A Lanza/McCormack medley got the second part off to a great start following with a fine Dublin in the Rale Old times and a middling Danny Boy.

An Italian medley worked wonders on the happy-to-hum-along audience who stood in acclamation for a lyrical Time To Say Goodbye.

Lynn Cahill who has given this venue a place in the entertainment calendar since she took over from Fionuala Brennan is moving on to another Waterford organisation and Claire Meaney is taking over at the Cathedral. There has been no press release on this yet just like the advent of a new Harvest Festival is just another rumour among those who didn’t get the job.