Little Red Kettle served up a wonderful low-budget family extravaganza that was fun, part video, part Shakespeare, part school project, part a band, part a video game with superheroes and a robbery at a post office and a gun hidden in a teddy bear outside Tony Elliott’s shop.

Yes, there were zombies and a wonderful group of girls who sucked a variety of lollies and philosophised about the nature and composition of colour.

Ben Hennessy’s script was as over-indulgent as ever and Liam Meaghar’s direction couldn’t contain a crazy pace and a difficult storyline.

The technical side seemed a bit slapdash but you had to admire the energy.

Characters who stood out were Paddy Hennessy as Rasher who wanted his farts ignited. Jordan O’Regan was a menacing Todd Brady, the kid gone wrong under the bad influence of Nedser played by Darren Malone. Ross Kavanagh as Bailey brought conflicting aspects to his role and he showed his obvious acting ability as did his brother Sam Kavanagh as Pete.

Mae Leahy was a super super-hero Syl. Clodagh O’Doherty excelled as the girl with the Bag on her Head. Doire Hennessy was a committed John the quiet kid who got to level seven in the game Slaughterhouse 7. Fionn Cox was outstanding as the complaining kid whose mother was the school principal whose real name was Percy not Splint. Emmett Browne was a zappy Zaphoid Punk Eoin O’Hanrachain did the excellent video work and Eoin Sheridan lit the work with flair.