A heated debate broke out at the monthly meeting of the City Council on Monday regarding the new parking arrangements at Millar’s Marsh.
City Manager Michael Walsh distributed a letter to each councillor informing them of a new arrangement whereby Waterford City Council will offer half of the spaces in the car park for the old price of €3.60 per day from next week.
However, councillors believe the rate of €3.60 per day for all spaces (which previously existed) should be re-introduced.
Users of the car park were infuriated when the price was recently changed from €3.60 per day to €1.80 per hour with a maximum allowed stay of three hours.
Cllr Davy Daniels (Independent) raised the issue on Monday, saying he was opposed to the price hike, asking why it had been introduced so suddenly.
“We were supposed to have at least one long stay car park, and now, all of a sudden, it’s gone,” he said.
“Where has this come out of?” he asked.
He added that he didn’t accept the proposal to have a 50/50 arrangement and challenged Mr Walsh to explain the reasoning behind the move.
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