Thank you to the hundreds of people who sent letters, emails and phone calls this week in relation to our front-page story last week about the imminent sale of The People’s Park. It was, of course, an early April Fool story and there were numerous references within the text to ‘Tuesday next’ which was April 1st. The vast majority of people eventually saw and enjoyed the joke once it dawned on them although a small few were not amused and we are doing our best to avoid them until they cool down!

Thanks also to business couple Noel and Stephanie Frisby who were such good sports and agreed to play along with the joke. Totally down to earth, they are great supporters of the People’s Park. They lived opposite it, their children played there and they would be the first to object to it being built over. Thanks also to Mayor Mary O’Halloran, Councillor Davy Daniels and the staff at Waterford City Council for entering into the spirit of the ‘prank’.

To our friends and colleagues in the national media, print and radio, we apologise for getting you all hot and bothered but we promise we will try and do it again next year, Please God!