Party directions to Fianna Fail election candidates have been mistakenly sent to Independent Waterford City Councillor Mary Roche, herself a former representative of the party. She reckons the directive, which specifically coaches candidates how to target small businesses, makes “very interesting reading”.

According to the circular, those seeking FF Council seats should canvass in person all small businesses in their respective wards from 9am until 1pm each day, “or at any other time when door to door canvassing is not practical”.

“Only the candidates will canvass”, the circular instructs, adding that “no registers are needed, just park the car and start to canvass”.

And it continues: “Watch out for small businesses anywhere you go, stop and call in. Keep it simple and if asked why you are in the shop say ‘I am supporting the jobs in this shop’.

“It is essential that all candidates actually support their own local shops and businesses”, stated the advice. “Mention this in your election literature and show the business manager that you are asking voters to shop locally”.


Included with the canvass guide is a pledge sheet which the candidates are told to copy onto their own headed election paper.

And the pledges are listed as follows: “There will be no increase in commercial rates for the next three years if Fianna Fail Councillors have a majority and they will ensure that the local authority spends its money more efficiently to ensure no services are disrupted by this move.

“Business support units will be started within councils to facilitate co-operation between local business and the council, to ensure doing business is easier.

“People will be asked to think local and shop locally to help save jobs”.

Fianna Fail, through the circular, reminds candidates that nearly every family has someone dependent on jobs provided by small businesses, which together are the equivalent of many Dell factories.

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