Tramore is “motoring” towards a one-way traffic system, the local Town Council heard at their monthly meeting on Tuesday night.

Responding to a query from Cllr Joe Conway, Area Engineer Jane O’Neill said the County Council had received a huge number of submissions on the plan and certain adjustments were on the cards.

She would be bringing the matter to the Council’s Traffic Committee and the Area Committee very shortly and the relevant by-laws would then have to be dealt with.

“We are motoring on behind the scenes”, she assured the members.

Camper van parking

Cllr James McCartan wants the County Council to lease back to the Town Council the unused car park between the local landfill and the new toilet block, for it to be utilised for camper vans, at €25 each per night.

He said that over recent weekends he had seen a large number of camper vans parked on The Prom and no action had been taken to move them on. Once he noticed four of them taking up 20 car parking spaces.

Also, he complained that they released foul water from their sinks and showers onto the main road, through which young children ran in their bare feet, on their way to and from shops.

Acknowledging the need for parking space for camper vans in the town, Ms O’Neill undertook to examine the position in more detail, but said zoning and funding would be relevant issues. 


She also told Cllr McCartan she had referred to the County Council’s Senior Engineer the problem of flooding at the Dunmore/Tramore road junction, in the context of providing a new roundabout in the area.