The Waterford branch of the Green Party is to recommend the establishment of a Government of National Unity at the party’s forthcoming national convention.

Speaking exclusively to The Munster Express, Brendan McCann said that despite the current strained relations between the Government and Opposition, an all-party approach offered the only means of Ireland’s avoiding “fiscal ruin”.

“Without a political consensus it is difficult to see how a broader consensus with the unions and other social partners can be achieved, especially if our Government maintains its current approach,” stated Mr McCann.

“In addition, given the revelations over the banking sector, it is difficult to see how the opposition parties could come to a consensus and support the Government in making the necessary unpleasant decisions unless they too were in government and in full possession of all relevant facts.”

The motion, the first to be taken at the party’s convention at White’s Hotel in Wexford (March 6th to 8th), is a joint effort by the Waterford and South Belfast branches.

Under Green rules, a two-thirds majority of delegates is required in order for any motion to be carried.


See The Munster Express newspaper for a full report.