With no disrespect to the Ardmore Club Grounds or to any other club that allow College and School games to be played on their pitch, what a pity this game could not have been fixed for Fraher Field in Dungarvan where maybe more patrons could have attended the game by arranging a late lunch, or before they went to work. Another pity is that this game could not be played at the weekend, something I have gone on record about a few times in recent years.

Playing games during the day in mid-week means that many people who would like to attend matches are unable to do so. In the past, when Tipperary College sides have clashed in the knock-out stages of this competition some games have been played on a Sunday, attracting huge crowds to venues like The Ragg and Cashel.

I know teachers are giving up their time to look after teams in competitions like this and have to be accommodated as well, but maybe it might be worth a try having the games played on a Saturday or Sunday?

I am sure that many of the teachers over teams that take part in such competitions as the Harty Cup are ones that have a great love of the GAA and want to see the players develop. I am sure that if the games were played at weekends, most if not all the teachers involved would still make time.

Also, playing the games on a Saturday or Sunday might also be a solution to the substitute teacher cuts problem. (The Dept of Education staff have to leave their classrooms to look after their games-playing pupils. Maybe those involved in organising games and school principals could do worse than give the notion of weekend games some serious thought?