According to today’s research, the most common concerns online dating sites users have, are “How can he judge me from a photograph?”, or “Omg, the photos she showed me online are nothing like her in real life!”. If these thoughts have ever crossed your mind, then Katch is there for you.
In today’s world finding a soul mate is a far cry away from our parent’s time, when they met at a local dance, kissed and got married – things were simple and expectations were what they were. In 2016 single people are sifting through thousands of profiles, hoping to find “the one” and with all this technology and social media, the process seems to have become more complicated than easier.
If the truth was to be told, dating in Ireland is almost like gambling on the grand national, the favourites have the best chance while the longshots fall at the first hurdle. Even if you pass the first hurdle and find a suitable face to interact with, you then start the emotional slog of communication in an effort to find out their true personality – with Katch we have solved this.
Katch is a new service from a company in Wexford that is simple to use and presents users in a 7 second video clip. There are no forms to complete, just download the APP, record a 7 second video and off you go. The best part about Katch is that our professional team are there to help you along the way, so no matter if things are not working out for you today we are there to guide you through so that tomorrow is better.
The philosophy behind Katch is simple – a 7 second video to show your personality and make a REAL first impression. This gives the viewer a real understanding of who you are. OK, you might be nervous or quite on the video, but the viewer knows and feels the real you behind everything and this is where the magic of Katch happens.
“Katch really helps single people to connect and find their soul mate – it’s that simple”, says Julia Trallmann, general manager at Katch. “I have a very bubbly personality, and just a picture is not enough to get it across, but a Katch video says it all”, she continued.
If you are interested in finding out more about Katch, then you will be glad to know, that the Katch team will be hosting “singles events” in Carlow, Waterford and Cork during January 2016. For more information visit www.ikatch.com or call 051 347249.