‘If an offer came in for
a player or indeed
players we would have to sit down and discuss those offers and that is
the reality of the situation, pure and simple’

The Waterford United manager Gareth Cronin looked very smart on Friday night last at Station Road. Prior to the game he was togged out in the Waterford United training gear allied to his football boots but when the game started he was dressed in a smart grey suit, and the official club tie.

He tugged at the tie during the final minutes as the home side pressed forward but thankfully it all came right at the end. “Perhaps my luck is starting to change,” he said as he looked back at what had unfolded during the course of the 90 plus minutes that were played.

“Last week we were lucky to beat Dundalk and then Shelbourne lost to Longford Town. I went to Oriel Park on Thursday night to see Dundalk beaten by Limerick and I thought to myself perhaps this is the season that the team I have built can really do something in this league.

“We did not play all that well tonight but nevertheless we have got the points and when we look at the newspaper tomorrow morning we will be in second place and that is all that matters. We lost our way somewhat during the first half, especially in the middle of the park but we got to grips with things much better in the second half.

“The penalty was a wishy washy affair and I would have been fuming if it was awarded against us. However we have been at the wrong end of decisions all season so it is about time we got the rub of the green. Karl Bermingham worked hard all through the game.

“He was getting frustrated at times but he was in the right place for the penalty award and I was happy for him. David Breen took his goal very well also, so I will take the points and now start getting the players ready for the big one against Shelbourne next Friday.

“To win a league you have to win games at a place like this. It is all very well beating teams like Dundalk and getting headlines but to be successful we have to beat the Kildares, the Wexfords and the Athlones of this world.

“When I look back at some of the points we have dropped this season it makes be wonder where we should actually be at this stage, but look, we are in second place and we have won three league games on the bounce so I am not really complaining,” the Waterford manager added.

The ‘T’ word

In recent times there has been a lot of talk about players moving on from the club due to the finance situation at the club. Tuesday, July 1st was the day the transfer deadline opened up and when asked about the ‘T’ word, Gareth Cronin admitted he had some worries on that score.

“I work as an accountant and I know what is the situation at the club. Our support at home has been poor and I am only to aware of how hard it is for the people running the club to make ends meet. It would be a terrible shame if the team is broken up considering the position we are in right now on the league table.

“I have built this team and we are in the running for promotion but take it from me there will not be any new players coming in because of the financial situation. I would like to strengthen the team but right now that is not possible. If an offer came in for a player or indeed players we would have to sit down and discuss those offers and that is the reality of the situation, pure and simple.

“I do not want to lose any player considering our league position but football can be a cruel game. Surely the people of Waterford will come out for the Shelbourne game. This is the acid test as to whether we want a League of Ireland club in Waterford. We will just have to wait and see what happens during the course of the week.

“We were a tad lucky tonight so who knows, everything may turn out alright,” Cronin concluded on what was a very good weekend for the Blues outfit he has moulded. Let’s hope it won’t all fall apart for the affable Waterford manager.