The tensions between Eamon Dunphy, John Giles and ‘the outsider’ Graeme Souness have always bristled barely below the surface.

“Where did you manage?” enquired the Scot as the trio argued about Arsenal’s actual wealth and Arsene Wenger’s unwillingness or inability to enter the transfer market following the Gunners’ tame European exit. (The Irish duo ignoring the January arrival of Andrei Arshavin for around £12m.)

“I didn’t manage anywhere… I managed to stay alive for 63-and-a-half years, baby,” retorted Dunph, which served as a signal to Bill that it was time to cut the ‘live’ feed and take some ads.

Eamon had earlier sneered – twice – at Souness, “you don’t know what you’re talking about.” In much the same away he used ridicule the ex-Liverpool hardman’s managerial record, claiming during his unhappy days at Newcastle (aren’t they all) that Souness’s players at various clubs were always getting injured. Maybe Souey should have stayed out of the five-a-sides.

He was on Sky the next night, with Jamie Redknapp nearly in tears at the reffing injustice of it all, and Richard Keys’ hairy hands getting sweaty as he apologised profusely for Drogba’s in-camera outburst. ‘I’m sorry Didier but you cannot say that,’ or other inane words to such useless and unnecessarily ‘PG’ effect.

Billo gave up saying sorry for Eamon’s use of language long ago. He just hits the commercial break button and smiles.