Fionn Cox holding the Beckham jersey. | photo: John Power

Fionn Cox holding the Beckham jersey. | photo: John Power

Young Fionn Cox from Waterford recently left the San Siro with none other than David Beckham’s jersey.

He was in Milan at a rugby tournament with Waterpark RFC, when he and his dad Michael decided to take in their first ever major football match.

Father and son, from the Glen, Faithlegg, watched the game between AC and Atlanta from the front of the stadium and when the final whistle sounded – Milan having won 3-1 – they started to chant for Becks (who has since been ruled out for the season and this summer’s World Cup finals).

The England star somehow spotted Fionn and made his way across the pitch. As they fumbled for a pen and programme for him to sign, Beckham calmly strolled right over, removed his jersey, folded it neatly, and with a knowing wink lobbed it into Fionn’s hands before giving them his autograph.

Needless to say the starstruck father and son left the stadium with Beckham’s jersey safely concealed from envious eyes.

“It was unreal,” says Fionn, a 6th class pupil at Waterford Educate Together NS. “I couldn’t believe it. I don’t know how or why he picked me out but he did.”

Just a guess, but maybe it was the un-Italian blond hair…?