LiamBrady1Liam Brady’s decision not to continue as one of Giovanni Trapattoni’s assistant managers has some similarities with a certain former economic commentator’s brief flirtation with Fine Gael.

As well as wanting to concentrate on his obligations at Arsenal, one senses Brady’s say in selection and tactics was limited enough with Ireland. Plus the “legend” doubly described as “a gentleman” by John Delaney this week was patently sickened by what happened in the World Cup play-offs: justifiably if vainly asking of the powers that be that ‘if fair play is to mean anything’ surely Ireland should get a rematch.

Whether ‘Chippy’ will return to the RTE panel for the Euro 2012 qualifiers is a bit like asking does George Lee need to be politically decontaminated before he reappears on our screens. For the sake of a bit of balance – and insight – I hope Brady is back between the two boys in the autumn.