TerryHandshakeFor all his uncouthness, it’s hard not to have a sneaking admiration for Craig Bellamy’s candour. A bigmouth yes, but a “bottler” he aint.

Man City’s Welsh striker, who has pissed off more managers than Michael O’Leary has ministers, was asked after their 4-2 defeat of Chelsea whether the Wayne Bridge-John Terry sideshow had galvanised Roberto Mancini’s not-so-merry men.

His response left no-one under any illusions as to he and his team-mates’ feelings towards the sacked England skipper.

“I think everyone in football knows what the guy is like, but that’s off the field,” he said, before adding the backhanded compliment that Terry is an outstanding player and captain “for Chelsea.” (Albeit not lately.)

By extension, while ‘Bellers’ isn’t exactly a PFA spokesman, we can take it that Wayne’s not the only one who thinks Terry isn’t much of a man.