Waiting lists to see a consultant at University Hospital Waterford (UHW) have dropped slightly, according to newly released figures. There was a slight drop in the number of patients waiting to see a consultant at UHW last month, however, people in Waterford are still waiting longer than anywhere eUHW
41,531 people were waiting for an outpatient appointment at UHW at the end of November.
This is a drop of almost 600 people since October when the list peaked at over 42,000.
More than a quarter (12,130 people) are on that list for a year and a half or more.
Nationally 105,000 people are waiting at least 18 months for a first appointment meaning University Hospital Waterford makes up 11% of the total.
In Waterford 9,722 are on the Otolaryngology (Ear, Nose & Throat) list alone, its followed by 6,600 for Orthopaedics, and just over 5,000 for Dermatology.
Reacting to the figures, hospital consultants say a small fall in the numbers of people on hospital waiting lists around the country is still just a drop in the ocean.