The rebranding of Weltec (formerly Winthrop Engineering) will help the company confirm its position as a leading engineering and process contractor. Darragh Martin, Marketing Manager, Weltec writes what the rebrand means for its clients.

This year has been an important year for Waterford-headquartered Weltec. A recent name change for the firm will help it set out a distinct path for its future success, where clients can continue to expect the excellent service package they have received to date, now under the Weltec brand.

Why a brand name change?

Over the past number of years, Weltec’s focus as an engineering and process contractor has been to deliver projects for pharma, biopharma, life sciences, industrial, food sector and data centre clients.

The rebranding, including a recently launched new website, has positioned the brand and corporate identity to reflect our core target market.

As many in the industry will be aware, Weltec, in its former guise as Winthrop Engineering, had always been a separate company to Winthrop Engineering and Contracting (Dublin). While there was previously a common shareholder in both companies, to all intents and purposes, both companies operated independently. As there is no longer a common shareholder, the name change establishes Weltec’s separate identity while also reflecting the company’s focus on the pharma, biopharma, life sciences, industrial, food processing and data centre sectors.

Investment in quality, safety and people

The change at Weltec is not just about brand identity. The management team has invested hugely over the past number of years in world-class quality and safety management systems. Weltec’s achievements at the National Irish Safety Organisation (NISO) Safety Awards over the past five years reflect this.

In production, Weltec has established locally-based prefabrication and manufacturing facilities in Waterford for carbon steel, stainless steel and bio-bore pipework.

The company also remains at the forefront of the transition to digital construction methods, utilising BIM, lean construction, contract management software solutions, test pack management software, enterprise resource planning solutions, on-line learning platforms, etc.

“While we have been evolving and changing continuously, the one constant has been our staff and their loyalty and dedication to the company over the years,” says Shane Ryan, Operations Director, Weltec. “We are very grateful to all of our staff for the essential role they have played in our success. We are also proud of the fact that many members of our team have been with the company since leaving college and since the company opened its doors in Waterford 20 years ago.”

Weltec remains an advocate for innovation and continuous improvement and maintains ongoing investment in improving our modular and prefabrication capabilities and processes. “Modular building and prefabrication are key drivers of improved quality, safety and productivity at our facilities,” continues Shane Ryan. “Weltec has worked hard and developed a strong and loyal client base, which we fully appreciate. We also recognise the opportunity for us to continue to expand that base as we have done successfully over the past number of years.”

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