A total of 5,814 of Waterford’s longest waiting public patients have now benefited from faster treatment through the work of the National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF). According to the latest figures released by the NTPF, to end of September 2010, a total of almost 200,000 public patients throughout the country have now had faster treatment arranged by the Fund.
The average waiting time across all specialties in the public system for surgical and medical procedures remains at a historical low of 2.5 months. This compares to average waiting times of two to five years for operations five years ago.
“It is clear from these latest figures that the work of the Fund continues to be felt throughout the public health service. The Fund has made a huge difference to public patients in Waterford and throughout Ireland, arranging faster treatment for almost 200,000 patients and lowering average waiting times for surgery”, said National Treatment Purchase Fund Chief Executive, Pat O’Byrne.
Established in 2002, the NTPF is a service for public patients who have been waiting longest for surgery in the public hospital system. Treatment is free of charge and all patients are treated in Ireland.
Waterford public patients have had operations arranged across a wide range of specialties and procedures. Treatments arranged include the treatment of cataracts, hip and knee replacement, heart surgery, removal of tonsils, prostate and gall bladder surgery, hernia repairs, colonoscopies and varicose vein surgery.
Public patients can contact the Fund themselves to check if they are eligible to have their treatment arranged. Alternatively they can receive an offer of treatment directly from the Fund or be referred to the Fund by their hospital, consultant or GP.