Over 200 new jobs have been created through WIT’s TSSG group at the Carriganore campus, according to Barry Downes, the operations director of Research and Development at WIT.

It’s believed that further spin-off jobs may also be created as part of the next step in developing the Suir Valley into an Irish-style Silicon Valley.

Speaking at a Waterford Chamber of Commerce seminar at the Tower Hotel last week, Mr Downes said that over 20 highly skilled workers had joined spin-off companies on the strength of their work with TSSG.

“These spin-offs have in turn created 61 jobs in firms allied to the existing 145 currently in place at TSSG, meaning we now have over 200 workers in Waterford working in this advanced sector of research and development,” he said.

“Developing a Silicon Valley-type model in Waterford is something we in the sector need to embrace, through establishing new firms with fresh ideas, attracting new investment.”

TSSG has worked in close co-operation with this newspaper, developing our website into one of the country’s leading regional paper sites.

The company is a veritable hotbed of ideas, housing software workers drawn from across the world, including Britain, France, South Africa, China and the USA.

Given the pervasive economic doom and gloom out there, it’s welcome to report on a positive Waterford-based business success story.