Cork-Road native Tim Hurley will pitch his golf stand project to the ‘Dragons’ Den’ team this week on RTE

Cork-Road native Tim Hurley will pitch his golf stand project to the ‘Dragons’ Den’ team this week on RTE

There’s a distinctive local flavour to the second programme in the Irish edition of ‘Dragons’ Den’, which airs on RTE One this Thursday, February 26th at 10.15pm.

Cork Road born and bred Tim Hurley (41) has developed what he describes as an “innovative golf stand for Irish and international markets”.

The stand provides a convenient space at every tee box for golfers to place their card when marking the score from the previous hole.

It comes complete with a clear perspex cover which protects the score card from inclement weather, an innovation that many a seasoned club wielder would welcome.

Its creator believes that the stand also represents a significant “revenue generating opportunity”, providing an advertising tool for business big and small, be they local, national or international.

“The golf stand offers advertisers an exclusive opportunity to showcase their offering to a defined target market while offering golf clubs a convenient solution to a basic problem and giving them a revenue generating mechanism during difficult times,” according to the man himself.

“We believe it is going to be a real success.”

A prototype stand has already been successfully developed and Tim hopes to manufacture the product here in Waterford.

So far, 10 golf clubs across the country have expressed an interesting in installing the golf stand, with several more contacted still mulling over its possibilities.

“This [stand] presents an excellent opportunity for advertisers to communicate to such a niche and specific marketplace in uncluttered conditions,” Tim added. “The product and its advertising concept are perfect for export as a result.”

Kate Hyde

Kate Hyde

Meanwhile, Waterford-based businesswoman Kate Hyde will also appear on Thursday night’s show, writes Jamie O’Keeffe.

A native of Crosshaven, County Cork, Kate moved to Waterford to work in October 2006. She launched her business, – Ireland’s first Hen Party website – 12 months ago in Dunhill Ecopark, having registered the domain name and begun planning the venture two years before.

Viewers will learn if the Dragons were ready to featherbed her Hen Party expansion plans, along with Tim’s grand golfing vision.

Dragons’ Den – RTE One, Thursday, February 26th, 10.15pm