After a weekend in which six people were killed on the country’s roads, it’s worth recalling that the Road Safety Authority (RSA) dispenses a lot of advice motorists should pay heed to.

It’s easy to say that the RSA merely issues rehashed information that most of us should already be aware of, but a considerable amount of driver behaviour suggests a good many aren’t listening.

Since 2000, approximately 170 people have been killed or seriously injured over August Bank Holidays, including last weekend. But the advice provided for busier weekends applies for every day on the road and we motorists need to remind ourselves of this.

Research suggests that 20 per cent of all crashes on Irish roads are caused by driver fatigue. And it’s now well established that being tired behind the wheel is as dangerous as driving over the legal drink limit.

“The notion that turning up the volume on the radio, or opening the window cures you of tiredness are myths that need to be dispelled,” said acting RSA Chief Executive Declan Naughton. They simply don’t work.”

“If you are heading off on a long journey, take the time to plan the route and ensure that you allow for a break.

“If you are fighting sleep at the wheel, stop driving immediately. Drink one or two strong cups of coffee or a stimulation drink containing caffeine and take a 15 to 20-minute nap.”

Listen to your body. If you don’t, who will? Better to be five minutes late than six feet under.